We are a company specialized in supplies for industries of cellulose, paper and converting. As one of the main companies of distribution in those markets, we can show vast experience in processes used in the manufacture of pulp and paper. With that base and longer than 30 years, our company has been providing to industries of this area, with a widely range of supplies , within which are included specialty chemicals, dyes and optical brighteners, clothes for pulp and paper machines, conical fillings and plates for refiners, dewatering elements for fourdrinier , such as suction box and uhle box covers in polyethylene and ceramic, baskets and rotors for fiber screening process, doctor blades and holders, etc. Also, some lines of equipments like spreader rolls, centrifugal cleaners, heat exchangers, refiners and others are included.

Besides, Convert S.A. through a permanent interchange with organizations like TAPPI, Eucepa and with its own represented companies, is illustrating permanently to local mills about the last developments and improvements made in its diverse supplies areas. This is reached through a permanent support and advising to our Customers with a professional team highly skilled.

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