Gustavo Illanes

General Manager
Civil Chemical Engineer. Universidad Técnica del Estado (1971)
Specialization in International Business Administration. Experience in Processes of Pulp & Paper and Converting industries

Iván Muñoz

Mechanical Engineer U. de Talca.
Sales and Technical Assistance Engineer

Experience of 20 years in productive optimization process for Pulp and Paper industries (screening, fiber screening, brownstock washing, etc.)

Rodrigo Fonseca

Sales and technical Assistance Engineer
Mechanical Engineer U. del Bío-Bío
Experience in felts Service and Control (wet felts, forming wires and drier fabrics) for pulp and paper machines . Measuring of slots status of fiber screening cylinders.

Mónica Palma

Sales and Technical Assistance Engineer
Chemical Engineer UTFSM, Valparaiso (1997)
Wide experience in UV screen and flexo inks , Flexo UV varnishes and Flexible packaging lamination.

Liria Rojas

Sales and Technical Assistance Engineer
Chemical Engineer UTE (1979)
Wide experience in application for dairy industries supplies

Mª Eugenia Ross

Translator and Management Secretary

Bárbara Moncada

Foreign Trade Head

Juan Martínez

Warehouse and Distribution Head.

Leonel Espinoza

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